Today I’ve decorated a bowl to represent a bird’s nest. In the depth of winter, I can’t wait for spring, lighter evenings, warmer weather and the liquid song of the Blackbird.

I threw this black clay bowl yesterday, and turned it to produce a deep footring today. (The sharp-eyed will notice that it is thicker at one side than another, because I need throwing practice.) I added white slip to the interior, and when that was dry I added underglaze colours in teal for the eggs, grass green to represent moss lining the nest, chocolate and light brown for twigs. I added line detail with sgraffito, and added speckles to the blackbird eggs with chocolate underglaze. It needs a little fettling when it is drier, to remove the burrs produced by the sgraffito, and then it will be finished and ready for firing.

I quite like the result. If it fires successfully, I might make some more for Easter.